From the 1st of October 2021,we will  be taking enrollments from unvaccinated students  and Partially Vaccinated only but the vaccinated must wear masks and gloves , gloves are provided,as our Tutors are unvaccinated



About Sándor

He started airbrushing in 1972, and since then I have progressed to be a highly acclaimed airbrush artist.

He has a Degree with New Zealand Custom Painting School, 1982 

and a level 4 teaching quallification

Now airbrushing and teaching airbrushing is his lifes passion.

Over the years his work has won car owners many awards.




About Andrew Ross

Andrew is an accomplished artist in his own right , he studied pencil drawing for some years prior to becoming a student at the NZ Airbrush Academy .

He is a great asset to the Academy as he has become a renowned airbrush artist since joning the academy

Andrew takes the portriat and animal classes  and shares the intro classes with Sandor

Some of his works are showcased in the gallery section of this site.